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Policy Analysis by APEC Policy Support Unit

Structural Reform

Handbook for The APEC Voluntary Reviews of Institutional Frameworks and Processes for Structural Reform

The Impacts and Benefits of Structural Reforms in Transport, Energy and Telecommunications Sectors

The Links Between Trade, Investment and Structural Reform

Supply Chain Connectivity

Logistics: Connectivity for Goods and Services

A Results-oriented approach to APEC’s Supply Chain Connectivity Initiative

The Economic Impact of Enhanced Multimodal Connectivity in the APEC Region


Trade Creation in the APEC Region: Measurement of the Magnitude of and Changes in Intra-regional Trade since APEC’s Inception

Trade in Services in the APEC Region: Patterns, Determinants, and Policy Implications

Study on Good Regulatory Practices for Goods and Services Necessary or Desirable for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


Cross-border Investment Linkages among APEC Economies: The Case of Foreign Direct Investment

Cross-border Investment Linkages among APEC Economies: the Case of Portfolio Investment and Bank Lending

Measuring Progress in Implementing APEC’s IFAP: Establishing a methodology and selecting key performance indicators

 Food Security 

Improving Food Markets in APEC Economies: Can the Cost of Food be Lowered?

APEC Bogor Goals

 Progressing towards the APEC Bogor Goals, Perspectives of the APEC Policy Support Unit

 Economic Stabilization

 The Global Economic Crisis: Effective Responses and Policy Strategies to Address the Human Impact

 Small Medium Enterprises

 SME Market Access and Internationalization: Medium-term KPIs for the SMEWG Strategic Plan

 Trends and Outlook

 Key Trends and Developments Relating to Trade and Investment Measures and Their Impact on the APEC Region (2009 - 2011)

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