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ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: AJCEP

ASEAN -Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEPA) was signed by ASEAN and Japan on April 14, 2008. The comprehensive agreement complements and expands the coverage of the bilateral economic partnership agreements (EPAs) that Japan has forged with five of the largest countries in ASEAN — Singapore (2002), Malaysia (2005), Philippines (2006), Thailand (2007) and Indonesia (2007).

The AJCEPA represents a mandate and a mechanism to push the agenda for further liberalization of goods and services as well as investments beyond the scope and quality of the bilateral EPAs. The agreement pushes for the establishment of a legal framework for such comprehensive economic partnership among the parties which would institutionalize trade and investment liberalization as guiding principle in the regional integration process.


AJCEPA will enter into force December 1, 2008, beginning with Japan and countries that have completed domestic ratification procedures by the end of October 2008.(Source:


The Department of Trade Negotiations worked expeditiously in close collaboration with ASEAN member states and Japan to expedite the negotiations of services and investment under the ASEAN-Japan framework. At the ASEAN-Japan Commemorative Summit to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the ASEAN-Japan relations during 13-15 December 2013, the meeting congratulated the fact that substantial progress had been made in services and investment negotiations and that the early conclusion of the negotiations was expected.


Framework for Comprehensive Economic Partnership between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Japan, Bali, Indonesia, 8 October 2003



Annex1 Schedules for the Elimination or Reduction of Customs Duties


Schedules of Tariff Concession

- Brunei

- Cambodia

- Indonesia

- Japan

- Lao PDR

- Malaysia

- Myanmar

- Philippines

- Vietnam

- Thailand


Annex2 Product Specific Rules


Annex3 Information Technology Products


Annex4 Operational Certification Procedures


Annex5 Work Programmes for Economic Cooperation



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In 2016 Department of Trade Negotiations attended the 15th Meeting of AJCEP Joint Committee and related meeting during 28-29 June 2016 and the 22nd AEM-MITI Consultation on 6 August 2016 in Vientiane, Lao PRD, ASEAN and Japan had concluded the negotiations on services agreement would cover financial services, telecommunications and movement of natural person and be annexed by scheduled of commitments. As for investment, the coverage would include rules for investment liberalization, promotion and facilitation. ASEAN and Japan would then jointly develop schedules of commitments for investment.

Moreover, AEM-METI adopted the revised ASEAN-Japan 10-year Strategic Economic Cooperation Roadmap to enhance bilateral trade and investment potentials in various sectors, including SMEs, Intellectual Property and Standards. The roadmap also supported the implementation of AEC Blueprint 2025



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